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Zambetul dvs. este important pentru noi!... Tratamente dentare corecte si comfortabile... Intreaga gama de tratamente pentru toate varstele... Zambetul are uneori nevoie de ortodont... Afla tot ce vrei sa stii despre implantologie...

Welcome to DentArtist!

 DentArtist  is a modern dental clinic which offers the entire range of dental treatments at the highest standards in a relaxing comfortable environment.

The team is formed of highly qualified, competent and professional  dentists with a solid experience in practising dental medicine.

The services DentArtist offers are: ODONTOTHERAPY (the treatment of dental carries), PERIODONTOLOGY, ENDODONTICS (treatment of complicated carries), PROSTHETICS (fixed and mobile prosthetic projects), DENTAL SURGERY, IMPLANTOLOGY (applying quality dental implants), PROPHYILAXIS, DENTAL ESTHETICS (whitening vital and non-vital teeth), PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY (dental treatments for children), ORTHODONTICS.

The clinic is approved by the College of Dental Specialists and follows the modern procedures of sterilization.

Through state-of-art equipment and materials, patience and understanding, DentArtist Clinic provides stress-free and pain-freedental treatment. The patient is directly informed by the dental specialist and together they take the suitable decision to solve the problem. 

  Our objective is  to bring a natural looking smile on our patients’ faces using our dental art and we are proud of our results.                   

 Dr. Laura Ramona Teodoru

Specialist dentist, Competence in Periodontology and Implantology